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Three site-specific projects carried out by the collective
OK corral. 2011

"La fumee gu paquebot"
Petit Maroc, St. Nazaire

1. Double Horizon

A wall has been built in front of the view on a small beach. The workblocks the view and thereby interfere with the image of how a horizon isperceived. In the middle of our gaze the white monochrome surface of theconstruction is reflecting the light and colors of the surroundings – thechanging tide and sky, thereby changing appearance hour by hour.The work removes a part of the total image, but at the same timeproposing another idea of how a horizon can be perceived. By doing so,the work reflects upon the current situation of St. Nazaire and its future.

2. Conde

The artists have displaced a buoy from its former location where itfunctioned as a signal for ships to be aware of “Isolated Danger”. Beforethe buoy was signaling a secure maritime navigation. Now the buoy issituated in the middle of a parking lot in the public space of St. Nazaire –with a reverted function. Both the parking lot and the buoy indicates akind of public order, merged together they propose disorder and there byquestioning how we navigate through the physical spaces determiningour lives. By obstructing the public space with the buoy – the work invitesthe viewer to interact and reflect upon their own presence and awarenessin the public space – and there by creating potentiality of new behavioralpatterns.

3. Phone booth/garden

This artwork takes place in a public phone booth which is situated on thecorner of Place De La Rampe next to a local pizzeria. Originally the phonebooth consisted of two telephone cabins. One of the cabins is stillfunctioning. The other however is out of order and left as an empty spacedue to the fast development of telecommunication.The dysfunctional cabin have been re-thought and re-established into ajardin communautaire (community garden) with different sorts ofvegetables and herbs. By using the phone booth as a glass house thework shows alternative ways of using and sharing the urban space.

OK corral in this context is:

Theis Wendt
Troels Emig
lisbeth Bank
Lars Worm
Christian Jeppsson
Jesper Carlsen

Double Horizo, installation view

Double Horizo, installation view

Double Horizo, installation view

8Double Horizo, installation view

Conde, installation view

Conde, installation view

Phone booth/garden, installation view

Phone booth/garden, installation view